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Ranking Up

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Ranking Up

Post by (Fate) Kira on Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:32 am

In order to rank up, you are required to recruit 4 or more people. Then you speak with me, or any other legend ranked member. You will then duel and regardless if you win or lose, you will be given a choice of becoming the captain of your class, or moving to the next rank.

For those members that are part of the "Deadly Sins" class, if you are interested in ranking up, you must first recruit 6 people. Once you do, speak with me, or one of the other Legend ranked members, and then you will duel them. The duel will be a unique type of duel called a "Quiz Duel." You will be informed of what a "Quiz Duel" is before you duel, and if you win the duel, then you are then promoted to Legend.

If you have any questions about the recruitment, or ranking process, you can PM in the forum or in DN. Thank you for your interest in the (Fate) clan, and we hope you enjoy your experience in our clan. Happy Dueling!
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